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Our Policy for Returns and Refunds

We understand that situations may arise and you decide to get a refund. If you no longer in need of the medication(s) after you’ve made payments contact us and a refund will be issued without any complications. We appreciate your understanding.

Discount Orders

This relies upon the strategy you return it back to us, assuming express and followed, your discount will be handled in up to 3 days after we get it back. A run of the mill discount will take up to 21 days, that is 14 days you returning and us handling with up to 7 days for it to advance through the saving money framework. The discount will backpedal to the installment strategy you utilized while putting in your request, once we've done our bit you'll get an email affirming it's headed. In the event that you've held up over 14 days with no email from us at that point please connect by heading off to the 'Contact Us' tab on this page.